SAUTI has experienced workshop facilitators who have worked with organizations such as The Pittsburgh CAPA magnate school,  literaturwerstatt berlin, Washington DC Youth Slam team, various government and private secondary schools in Botswana, British Council Botswana, Iowa Youth Writing Project, Danish Red Cross Asylum seekers, all boys detention centre in Berlin etc
Our consultants have between them sat on the board of various writing bodies, adjudicated writing competitions as well as gained experience with editing journals.

Workshop modules include or are a combination of the below:

WHY POETRY: beginners introduction to writing and reading poetry (the vaguely curious are most welcome)

SHOW DON’T TELL –  Characterization, plot mapping, creating character bibles, left brain/right brain writing

ProCraft: for intermediate level/semi-established writers, the writer as a reader

THE BUSINESS OF ART – getting published, professionalism in the arts, arts funding, writers and the internet: social media usage & mobile literacy

WAITERS WAIT, WRITERS WRITE – a series of prompts and focus on process (writing intensive)

FICTION – short stories and novel writing; point of view, setting

TELL IT – Spoken word, storytelling and hiphop